Association Nationale 1914-1918

A la découverte des sites de la Grande Guerre

Château-Thierry The American Aisne-Marne Memorial

The World War 1 Chateau-Thierry American Monument was erected by the United States of America to commemorate the battles of the American troops during 1918.

This monument who celebrates the fraternity between America and France is managed by the A.B.M.C. (American Battle Monuments Commission).

Between May and June 1918, the German army launches a big push between Soissons and Chateau-Thierry and takes over many localities. The all region is in havoc, many villages are destroyed, military hospitals are crammed with casualties.

The French and American units launch a counteroffensive who will be successful, Germans troops must withdraw. That is certainly the last big offensive of World War 1.

Hill 204 memorial is located two miles from Chateau-Thierry and was realized by a French-American architect Paul Cret. On an impressive double colonnade on the west side are sculptured figures representing two women hands in hands symbolizing United States of America and France, and on the east side a sculpture of a bald eagle with this inscription:


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